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"I Started taking these magical herbs and adhered to dietary changes …two and half months later I’m down nearly two stone! My back and knees feel much better.  I’ve also started Yoga.  I highly recommend Siobhán, you never know you might learn something about yourself in those eyes."

Kathleen Valette.


"Night verses day is how I feel after taking Siobhán’s herbal treatment. It has fully reinforced my faith in the holistic benefit of natural herbal medicine"

Kieran O'Brien
Life Coach

 "It was a huge eye opener as to how much there is involved and to learn,"

Priscilla McCarthy Crawford,
Pharmacy Cosmetic & Beauty Consultant

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  • Curried Brussels with Rosemary Rice
    Good Source of Fats for Brain Food Ingredients ½ bag of brussel sprouts 1 avocado 2 tbsp of pumpkin seeds toasted 2-3 Cloves of Garlic Coconut Oil 2 Tbsp of finely chopped fresh Rosemary 1 tbsp of favourite organic curry powder Grain of Choice – Organic Boiled White Rice used here. DRESSING - Cold Pressed […]
  • Raw Kefir Fruit Salad
    You would be forgiven for thinking a fruit salad is not something that could fill you up for breakfast or replace porridge, but this is no simple fruit salad.  The combination of seeds, walnuts, kefir and fruits is are highly nutritious and a well balanced food combination.  This breakfast option is also rich in enzymes […]
  • Vegan Celariac Coleslaw
    Delicious Creamy Salad combined with toasted seeds and sweet apple flavour.  One of my favourites so far.  Can be placed on a bed of quinoa for light eating or brown rice for a heavier meal.  INGREDIENTS: Celariac Coleslaw ½ medium to large peeled celariac  Handful of sunflower seeds or sesame sesame seeds 2 organic apples […]