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  • Free From Pancakes August 5, 2020
    Gluten Free, Diary Free, Low Glycaemic tasty pancakes.  Great breakfast option.  Can be made in 10 mins.  Particularly suited to those who are insulin resistant or have many food allergies.   1 Cup of almond Flour 1/4 Cup of favourite plant milk or water 1 -2 eggs (organic free range) Baking soda 1tsp Pinch of salt […]
  • Turmeric Root versus Curcumin April 23, 2020
    If I do an internet search for turmeric I get 100’s of hits on curcumin which would make you think they are one and the same.  To add further confusion the latin name for turmeric is Curcuma Longa and maybe used when referring to curcumin which is inaccurate.  So, to clear up any confusion turmeric […]
  • Brain Proof Coffee March 27, 2020
      1 tsp instant Coffee or ground fresh coffee ½ tsp Reishi Mushroom Powder ½ tsp Lions Mane Mushroom Powder ½ Cup of favourite Plant Milk (hazelnut milk) 1tsp Honey OPTION 1 - If making percolated coffee just add mushroom powder with the coffee and let brew for a little longer than usual.  Add honey […]