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"I Started taking these magical herbs and adhered to dietary changes …two and half months later I’m down nearly two stone! My back and knees feel much better.  I’ve also started Yoga.  I highly recommend Siobhán, you never know you might learn something about yourself in those eyes."

Kathleen Valette.

 "My daughter suffered with ill health most of her life.  With Siobhán's herbal medicines & guidance with dietary habits, Alice's health & happiness has improved amazingly.  We are very greatful to Siobhán"

Marian Hayes

"Night verses day is how I feel after taking Siobhán’s herbal treatment. It has fully reinforced my faith in the holistic benefit of natural herbal medicine"

Kieran O'Brien
Life Coach

RSS Recipes & News

  • Recipe: Mushroom Soup – With A Dash of Reishi March 14, 2019
    See Amazing Benefits of Button Mushroom RECIPE: Punnet of Mushrooms, Cup of unsweetened Almond Milk, 1 Tbsp Butter, 2 Tbsp Oil, 2 garlic clove, black pepper, 1tsp Reishi Powder (optional for extra energy boost).  Cook slowly & Blend. Rice cakes or gluten free toast and spicy hummus with a favourite tea… Say Goodbye to the […]
  • Button Mushroom – Immune Booster & Cholesterol Health. March 14, 2019
    Can Compete with Reishi according to Studies. Button Mushroom Soup Recipe Maybe you have heard of the hype around mushrooms for immunity and probably quickly forgot the many fancy names like reishi, shitake, maitake, lions mane, turkey tail and chaga.  It is true there are many studies now touting these exotic mushrooms as an immune […]
  • What’s in Your Lunch Box? Alternatives to Bread, Ham and Cheese. March 5, 2019
    Habits are a powerful thing.  Sandwiches are the go-to for the lunch box but there are alternatives that are just as fast and much better for the health.  Many people are now intolerant to both the protein gluten and sugar lactose owing to damage done to villi in the intestinal wall.  Stress, lifestyle and environmental […]