Green Smoothie

Use Your Power Blender Wisely!

When I work with clients there is often a dilemma of recommending a juicer or nutri bullet (power blender).  The person with a sweet tooth will prefer the power blender and then favour an all fruit blend.  This is not ideal if they present with gut health issues or symptoms of high blood sugar levels.  This simple green smoothie should be used as a balance to the sweeter smoothies.   A nutrition powder from your herbalist can also be added to this blend.



1 Stick Celery

1 Large Kale leaf

1 fistful of Fresh Coriander

1 nugget of Ginger

1 Peeled Orange

½ Cup Apple Juice

1 Cup Water

3 Tbsp Sunflower or Pumpkin Seeds

1 Tbsp cold pressed oil


Coriander or cilantro is a phenomenal herb with records of its use dating back to the 9th century & found buried with ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.  It has an abundant of Vitamin A and K and has a relaxing effect (anxiolytic) on the mind.  It is a powerful blood cleanser with studies demonstrating it can chelate heavy metals from the body.[i]  Studies show the seed lowers blood sugar as well as cholesterol making it ideal for those working with prediabetic states[ii].



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