Yoga Therapy


Yoga Therapy is a self-empowering process, facilitated by the yoga therapist using various yoga tools that alleviate suffering in a non-invasive and complimentary manner.

Many injuries are rooted in vigorous movement coupled with physical tension or infrequent exercise broken by long periods of being sedentary.  The yoga approach works on many platforms both mentally and physically to ensure recovery is long lasting.  It can deal with various conditions from neck and back pain to stress related issues or an athlete looking to safeguard against injury or prepare for competition.  These sessions are also perfect for the yoga student who wishes to develop a personal practise best suited to their needs.

Siobhan has a history of competing in various sports as well as training in yoga therapy modules, this coupled with a combination of 18 years teaching, 30 years practise and a highly intuitive led approach leads to good results every time.  Siobhan regularly gives private sessions for pregnancy, children, stress related issues, injuries and regular students looking to deepen their practise or learn correct breathing habits to combat stress or respiratory disorders.  Classes take between 45mins to 1hr and often includes a handout for home practise.


1 Person: 1 class =  €50 for 1hr / €60 1hr with home notes.
2 People: 1 class =  €70 for 1hr/  €80 with home notes
(discounts may apply for multiple sessions)                                                                         

Contact Siobhán Shinnors to check availability.
Yoga in schools and group classes are also provided please see for all things yoga.  


Yoga classes inspired by the Sivananda tradition are tailor-made yoga programmes taught by Siobhán Shinnors BSc DipYoga MYTTC MYTI.

The History of Yoga
The oldest archaeological evidence of the existence of yoga is provided by a number of stone seals showing figures in yogic postures, thought to date from around 3000BC. Yoga is first mentioned in the Vedas, which is a vast collection of scriptures written over a long period of time, some of which date to 2500BC.

The Upanishads form the latter half of the Veda scriptures and it is here the foundation of yoga teaching and Vedanta philosophy is outlined.