Breathe, Move, and Meditate with Siobhán Shinnors

"A yoga practise increases vitality when it is reflecting our current needs, whether this is to cope with an injury or support a stressful period, an athlete looking to improve performance or a student undergoing exams. On completion of a beginners yoga course with Siobhán Shinnors (YogaHerbalist), a student will have enough knowledge to do a routine of core postures correctly and safely and begin the journey of practising yoga intuitively.

Experienced classes are more dynamic and focus on strength building and mental clarity while also encouraging an inner listening. This is the ultimate yoga practise; one where you arrive on the yoga mat and connect with the body’s needs and adjust one’s routine accordingly. This balanced approach brings confidence in our natural ability to ultimately heal ourselves. The term vitality has many names, Life Force, Prana (in yogic terms), Qi in (Chinese terms). It refers to an invisible force which gives rise to movement. Despite its many names it is generally agreed that having an abundance of vitality correlates with high energy and good health."

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