“Freedom from stiffness and joint pain happened gradually, dare not stop,” Eileen Murray

Yoga is not just an exercise.

It is so much more than that. There are so many physiological changes going on as we move and breathe in unison. The steady rhythmical breath is the key to joining the mind, emotions to action.

Yoga Postures without observation of the breath is not yoga. It is therefore very important that we have a good understanding of the character of our breath and of breathing techniques from the onset of yoga practise.

The condition of the breath is our true teacher in letting us know how our practise is doing. The breath should always remain even and rhythmical.

This breath allows the asanas to evolve effortlessly.

When we start as a beginner a class can seem very vigorous and challenging but as the weeks progress and body becomes educated in the technique of breath and movement in unison, classes become effortless.

When we arrive in this place of effortlessness, our subconscious mind is activated.

Our subconscious helps us to define who we are i.e. emotions, memories, core values and our beliefs, The subconscious mind is also responsible for regulating vital functions in the body i.e. heart rate, digestion etc.

Through positive intention in this space much healing on different levels is possible.

Yoga is about relaxation, breath, exercise, diet, positive thinking and meditation. It is a way of being.

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