Recipes: Dinner for Vegetarian Child

A Simple Affair   

It is no secret that children don’t like fussy food.  Especially when they are younger they often prefer mono foods i.e. to eat one type of food at a time.  This is a simple yet nutritious recipe for a growing child.  It will give slow burning fuel, plenty of fibre and protein rich.  It also contains healthy doses of the important vitamins including calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.

Potatoes are a highly nutritious food far superior to pasta or wheat, especially when baked, steamed or boiled in their own jackets.  They have more potassium than a banana and provide more energy than any other vegetable, perfect for the growing active child.


Boiled/Steamed Potatoes in Jackets (can be removed after cooking)

Brown or Puy Lentils – boiled with a pinch of salt and tablespoon of oil

Taifun organic tofu (with or without seeds) Two healthy slices

Chopped cucumber

Sprinkle of rocket.

Simple dressing : cold pressed oil and splash of soya sauce or pink salt.  Can also crush garlic into this.  (very good for candida or virus)


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