Potato Salad

How about making your salad the main dish.  This potato and steamed/boiled beetroot is just the job to beef up a salad and turn it into a main course option.  Simply put on extra potatoes the previous night to add them to a salad the next day.  Many of these ingredients can be bought of the shelf ready made with little to no preparation time.



1 boiled organic baby potatoes (with skins)

Beetroot precooked & cubed

6 radishes halved

Organic Rocket

Garden Herbs (Rocket/Coriander Here).

½ Yellow Pepper

Sweet Pakora or portion of Butter Beans

2 Tbsp cold pressed oil

1 tbsp Pesto

Crushed Garlic

Little Salt if necessary


Mix all together an cover with a plate for 5-10mins  This is the secret to a good salad…letting the flavours infuse.


This recipe gives a slow release of glucose (energy) with plenty of raw foods rich in enzymes to facilitate digestion.   A lighter way to eat during the summer months when temperatures and sunlight affect appetite and nutrient requirements change.

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