A Nutritional & Iridology Consultation is focused on improving health through nutritional means with a focus on living food nutrition. Living food nutrition is food that has the highest amount of nutrients based on quality, locality and measure of processing it has undergone and finally the energy it takes to grow and acquire the food.

A consultation takes 1.5 hours.  During  which a full case history is taken with emphasis on examining the clients current eating patterns, any test results from their GP, including medication if any and finally their lifestyle & exercise habits.   An iris picture is also taken as it allows a person’s constitutional strengths and weaknesses to be pinpointed.

I am partnered with BTS Laboratory which provides testing of a variety of conditions including, Candida overgrowth, Leaky gut, Mold toxicity, E. coli, Allergies and more.   All the above considerations is considered when detailing a bespoke healing protocol to achieve wellness.  Short term supplementation is also considered where there are indications of deficiency.

A detailed nutritional report is provided within a few days of the consultation including some recipes to support recommended changes by your nutritionist. A lot can be achieved through diet alone.  Support is also provided for up to 4 weeks following consult via email & phone.


Monday: 4 P.M. - 5 P.M.
Thursday: 9:30 A.M. - 2 P.M.

Saturday: 9 A.M. - 5 P.M.

Albany Hse, Summer Hill, Nenagh
Dargan’s Health Food Store (DHFS), Castletroy, Limerick

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Note from Siobhán Shinnors on Nutrition,

I have a keen interest and experience in gut health and the impact it has on mental health.  I have been exploring & studying nutrition for over 25years.

I was first introduced to wild foods and foraging in London of all places and by an Iranian woman that cured herself of cancer.  It was around this time I began a long journey of exploring the power of raw food.  I recommend regular use of fermented foods and wild foods for both food and medicine in the daily diet.  I am a firm believer in juicing and ‘eating for free’ to get super nutrient rich food into us without big costs.  I believe food should be simple and enjoyable.

The more we complicate our food with fancy recipes the further away from real nutrition we get.  I suggest that the fancy recipes be kept for parties and special occasions, after all most people want changes to be practical and to fit into a busy schedule.

Of course food is only one part of the equation in overall health.  Emotions are a powerful play in our everyday lives and impact strongly on our health as eating under stress can completely suspend our digestive juices.   Then we must question how much is being absorbed and assimilated.  I recommended whole food supplementation if appropriate during a 'hand holding period' to support recovery.

My background in Yoga & Meditation has taught me to give equal importance to emotional states & lifestyle patterns when treating a patient.   I use Iridology as a diagnostic tool and see it as a valuable addition in consultations.  The iris is more unique than a finger print and can give valuable insight into a persons basic constitutional and emotional strengths and weaknesses.