5 POINTS OF YOGA MAY 2ND 2021 SUNDAY 10 - 1.30pm

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Weekly Yoga Classes generally include yoga postures and perhaps breathing exercises and relaxation depending on the class.  This is mainly due to time constraints.  Yet yoga is traditionally a complete lifestyle.  The 5 points of yoga are a simplified version of the 8 limbs of yoga.  They are
1)Correct Rest & recommended techniques
2)Correct Breathing & Controlled Breathing & the moments in between.
3)Correct Exercise - movement that is right for you in the moment!
4)Correct Diet - A diet that supports you & the world around you!
5)Correct Thought & Action - A guide on practical mindfulness techniques
This workshop offers a complete inspiration to kick start new beginnings or reinforce and encourage a continued healthy lifestyle.

Handouts are provided in advance of workshop. Last 30 mins open discussion / questions & answers.
Cost €40 / Sliding Scale to €30  Pay via online link - here

Body Energetics JAN 3RD 2021 SUNDAY 10 - 1pm

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The human experience is expressed in the physical, mental and energetic aspects. The physical aspect is divided by body function systems and is governed largely by energy centers. Many ancient Yoga routines were designed to stimulate energy points, to restore balance and have optimum vitality, mood & health.
This workshop
1/Identifies six energy points in the body
2/Teaches a 15min flow sequence for optimum tone & energy flow of each system
3/Illustrates the physical body systems associated with each energy center.
4/Identifies physical symptoms when there is poor energy flow in any one energy center.
5/Lists best diet & herbs to restore balance in all 6 points.
Handouts are provided in advance of workshop. Last 30mins open discussion / questions & answers.
Cost €37 / Sliding Scale to €25  Pay via online link - here


Nenagh Library, Co. Tipperary

Chronic Pain - is any pain that is persistent & affects quality of life negatively. Can be nerve pain, digestive pain, back pain, migraines, spinal pain or someone generally predisposed to inflammation in one or more areas of the body.  

Free Event Promoted by Healthy Ireland Initiative.

No Booking Required. Seated Event.

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Booking Required 0877714938/info@yogaherbalist.ie

Cost €70 including Lunch & Notes

LUNCH - gluten & dairy free & opportunity to taste nutrient rich trigger free food. Prepare to be amazed how simple food combining can be both delicious & effortless.
SUITABILITY - Everyone from teenagers upwards. It will be a seated event and breath work will be adjusted for anyone with medical issues.
This is a relaxing day discussing and practicing preventative medicine through self care.  The body is an amazing combination of material and energetic components.  To treat one without the other has been a major flaw in western medicine.  There is a new wave of interest for something more.  A combining of practical science & nutrition with mind body techniques and reduced intervention of invasive drugs & procedures.  The body gives many signals when any of its systems are out of balance, the key is to listen and make adjustments quickly and not normalise or leave the condition until it becomes an acute or chronic manifestation.

Bring a Pen & Paper


April - Pain/Chronic Inflammation Clinic

Booking Required 0877714938/info@yogaherbalist.ie

Cost €160 -  8 week course / Max numbers 10 per class.
Locations: Limerick & Nenagh.  Paper handouts can be provided over online delivery.  This is a mixture of online/email and in class delivery.  There will be 4 x 2hr sessions covering

  1. Diet & supplementation - includes latest findings on key nutrients that support anti inflammatory response.
  2. Movement Therapy -  consideration to individual needs focusing on promoting flexibility without causing any damage to connective tissue.
  3. Breath work - This covers specialised breathing for pain management or depression & guides individually based on current breathing habits.
  4. Mind/Body - Explores the plastic mind, meditation & EFT (emotional freedom technique), all proven to assistant in relief and protection from long term inflammation & pain.

    All Participants in the clinic will be screened to check suitability in advance.


Yoga classes inspired by the Sivananda tradition are tailor-made yoga programmes taught by Siobhán Shinnors MED Herbalist, BSc. DipYoga  YTTC,  IAMMh.

Siobhan Shinnors has been organising workshops and weekend retreats for in Yoga & Healthcare for 18 years. Events are always well organised & great value for money.